iva1Ivelina Balcheva is a multi-genre artist who performs original pop music, written by composers especially for her. She also sings Bulgarian and Balkan folklore, jazz, traditional songs, Django Reinhardt – type and free jazz. Ivelina has passion for Russian romances and traditional gypsy music. Her repertoire includes Turkish and Kazakh songs from unknown and modern authors.

Ivelina Balcheva is one of the most colorful Bulgarian singers. Her charm and her rich repertoire enchant audiences from different cultures and regions.


Voice characteristics

Ivelina’s voice has high density in the low register and incredible expressiveness in the high register; she performs with vibrant specific overtones. In the mid register, she has a characteristic sound and hoarseness that give great capabilities for the rendering of flamenco and fado. Balcha’s greatest advantage is her rare sense of vocal and artistic improvisation; she attunes and matches any given situation and ambience, improvising on parts especially written for her.


Artist’s collaborations

Ivelina Balcheva has partnered with many well-known Bulgarian musicians and artists – Teodosi Spasov, Stoyan Yankulov (Stundji), Aleksandar Raichev, Ivo Papazov (Ibryama), Vili Kazasyan, and many of the best-known Bulgarian singers. Abroad, she has worked with the renowned Turkish composer Selmi Andak and the popular Turkish singer Sezen Aksu. In Kazakhstan, Ivelina collaborated with the famous composer Tolegen Mukhamendjanov, with Roza Rimbaeva and the top Uzbek star, Yulduz Osmanova. In Russia, she has worked with Philip Kirkorov and many other famous Russian performers, such as Fyodor Bundarchuk and Stepan Mihalkov. She has taken part in team performances, with musicians from all around the world, including Alan Reach, Alan Roy Scott, Denise Brejan, and many others.



Ivelina Balcheva is very professional and adaptive when working with different bands and music groups. She sings with big bands, chamber groups, and symphonic orchestras. She successfully presents acapella songs, doing voice and guitar interpretations accompanied by piano or drums. She has the incredible ability to present a whole repertoire in acapella style, without any instrumental accompaniment, and with an extraordinary sense of improvisation and interpretation.


Ivelina Balcheva has participated in many soloist, commercial, and joint concerts and in different charity or cause-supporting events. She has taken part in many festivals and competitions as a jury member or guest-performer. The time spent with her music performances, one-man shows, author’s evenings, jazz and ethno events, are unforgettable.