Astana, Kazakstan


Ivelina Balcheva has received many awards, both in Bulgaria and abroad. She has more than 17 prizes from international and national competitions.




  • 1992, Bulgaria, Michele Mercuri, first private pop performers’ competition
  •  1992, Kazakhstan, Asia’s Voice, second prize
  • 1992, The Golden Orpheus, prize of journalists and third prize for the song Something is Waiting for me Somewhere, music by Boris Valkanov
  • 1993, The Golden Orpheus, third prize for the song Love without Mercy, music by Zornitsa Popova
  • 1994, National Musical Awards, Ivelina Balcheva awarded the title singer number one of Bulgaria for 1994 by 130 journalists
  • 1995, The Golden Orpheus Plus, Grand Prix for the song Аt an Unearthly Hour, music by Alexander Brazitsov
  • 1992, Ireland, Cavan, third prize for song
  • 1995, Russia, St. Petersburg, White Nights, first prize
  • 1995,  Russia, Moscow, Steps to Parnasse, third prize
  • 1995, Bulgaria, nomination for best Bulgarian singer, best clip of Zornitsa Popova’s song Аm I Sinful, Lord?, and nomination for best album for “Morning Star”
  • 1995, Russia, Moscow, Generation 95, third prize and four producers’ awards
  • 1996, Turkey, Pamukkale, Grand Prix for performance
  • 1997, Honorary Citizen of the town of Denizli, Turkey; the title was given by the mayor of the town for her contribution to the preservation of Pamukkale
  • 1997, France, Cannes, MIDEM, the award of FIDOF for the most successful Bulgarian performer at international festivals
  • 2006, Kazakhstan, contest for interpretation of Kazakh songs, Grand Prix
  • 2008, Kazakhstan, contest for newly composed songs dedicated to the capital city of Astana, Silver Prize.