PICT0182From the very beginning of her career, Ivelina Balcheva got involved with charitable and social activities that have become an integral part of her work. In the early years of her career, she worked with orphanages and children experiencing behavior problems. Later on, she moved on to work with disadvantaged children, and children with special education needs, affected by autism, dyslexia and other conditions. Her formal training in Primary School Pedagogy, Music and Singing at the Shumen University has greatly aided her in this line of work.

Ivelina has participated in more than 180 initiatives of The Rayna Kabaivanska Charity Fund, together with other artists and students, visiting orphanages in the country. She also worked with the Institution for Social Activities and Practices at the Petko Slaveykov orphanage in Sofia, where she ran music and art therapy workshops. She used music to create relaxation techniques, as well as approaches that help children overcome difficulties in their social context.

Having spent many days and nights taking care of her father, Ivelina has concerns and sympathy for the elderly. She advocates for improvements in the social environment that would lead to more human conditions in the lives of elderly people, at their homes or at hospices for the elderly.